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Trump Organization Insider Is Cooperating With Prosecutors – Says She ‘Refuses To Be Silenced’

As prosecutors in New York continue to look into Donald Trump and the Trump Organization’s finances, one man has moved into the spotlight and could play a key role as investigators move forward and grand juries prepare to hand down indictments.


Allen Weisselberg has been Chief Financial Officer of the Trump Organization for decades, and reportedly “knows where all the bodies are buried.” Will Weisselberg try save his own hide and that of his two sons and cooperate with prosecutors? That remains to be seen, but a person close to him is indeed talking with investigators and is making it clear she won’t be silenced, Business Insider reports:

“An attorney representing the former daughter-in-law of the Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg says she’s cooperating with prosecutors conducting an inquiry into Donald Trump’s finances and ‘refuses to be silenced.’

“‘Jennifer Weisselberg is committed to speaking the truth, no matter how difficult that may be,’ her attorney, Duncan Levin, told Insider in a statement. ‘She will continue to cooperate fully with the various law enforcement agencies that are investigating her ex-husband’s family and the very powerful interests they represent.’

“‘Jennifer refuses to be silenced any longer by those who are conspiring to prevent her from sharing what she has learned over the past 25 years,’ Levin added.”

Weisselberg’s former daughter-in-law has certainly been in a prime position to know exactly what goes on inside the former president’s business dealings, as she was married to one of his sons, Barry, until 2018, when they divorced. And she also knows Donald Trump:

“The couple received an apartment as a gift from Trump when they married in 2004, but Barry Weisselberg may have skipped out on paying taxes on it by categorizing it incorrectly in his tax filings, according to Bloomberg News. That apartment — as well as other numerous financial entanglements between the Weisselberg and Trump families — appear to be at the center of the effort to flip Weisselberg into cooperating.”

How close could Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance be to filing criminal charges against Trump and his corporation? According to Daniel R. Alonso, a former top Vance deputy:

“I’m sure he is absolutely pressing to have a decision made on whether to prosecute anyone, whom to prosecute, and for what charges, by the end of the year.”

Everywhere he turns, Donald Trump can see his freedom slipping away. About the only option he has now is fleeing to a country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the United States. That list is limited, and only one nation — Russia — seems the least bit likely to be of interest to the Donald. Problem is, even Putin may not want anything to do with Donnie anymore.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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