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Prosecutors Focusing On Ivanka For Committing Massive Fraud At The Trump Organization

While it’s long been known that Ivanka Trump is her father’s favorite child, it’s beginning to look like she’s almost as big of a liar and crook as her old man, too.

According to the Washington Post, New York Attorney General Letitia James suspects that Ivanka, acting on behalf of the Trump Organization, inflated the valuations of properties and other assets in order to bolster the company’s bid to lease the old Washington, D.C. Post Office and convert it to a Trump branded hotel:

As part of his bid for the GSA lease, Trump submitted statements of financial condition, according to a recent filing from James’s office and documents released by the House Oversight Committee. James alleged that in doing so, Trump and his daughter Ivanka — at the time an executive at his company who oversaw the project — won the hotel lease in part by providing the government with false financial information.

Ivanka Trump submitted the Trump Organization’s proposal and presented it on behalf of the company. James’s office noted in its filing that that “presentation and the associated bid explicitly incorporated the Statement of Financial Condition of Donald J. Trump.”

Rachel Maddow has now taken the Post’s reporting further, revealing that one of the properties under investigation as part of the fraud is a luxury apartment owned by Ivanka, as she explained on her show:

“Under her rental agreement, she apparently had the option to buy that apartment if she wanted to, for the cost of $8.5 million. But in the forms that were submitted to get the loans for the DC hotel, that very same apartment was listed as being worth more than $20 million. Then a few years later, they listed it as being worth $25 million — even though they knew there was an option to buy it for just $8.5 million. Attorney General James is looking into exactly that type of potentially illegally inflation of the Trump family and Trump Organization’s financial situation for a whole bunch of Trump properties.”

Since we know that the Trump Organization is already being investigated for such valuation lies (raising values to get bigger loans and then devaluing those same properties when it came time to pay taxes), it would seem that Ivanka was one of the masterminds behind the entire shell game the ex-president’s company was playing in order to gain a financial advantage, even though such actions are illegal.

If James has the evidence to support such a charge (and she has volumes of financial records and tax returns from the Trump Organization), then the best attorneys in the world won’t be able to save Ivanka or her old man from the legal hammer that’s about to come down on them.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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