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Greene Goes Blue – Shows Explicit Hunter Biden Photos In An Attempt To Smear His Dad

While she loves to pretend that she’s a Christian who tries to follow the teachings of Christ, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) proved yet again today during a House hearing that she’s little more than a purveyor of filth, innuendo, and outright lies.

The hearing featured whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service who were questioned about Hunter Biden’s plea agreement with the Justice Department for tax evasion and illegal possession of a firearm.

Greene, however, was more interested in the lewd and lascivious photos that she no doubt knew would garner headlines for her, announcing, “Before we begin, I would like to let the committee and everyone watching at home [know] that parental discretion is advised.”

The Georgia Republican then asserted that Hunter Biden had engaged in sexual trafficking, even though she clearly didn’t understand the law she claimed had been violated.

“And I would like to point out that if he was purchasing her a plane ticket for sex and traveling across state lines, do you believe that to be a violation of the Mann Act?” Greene asked one of the witnesses.

IRS agent Joseph Ziegler said he couldn’t confirm Greene’s allegation against the president’s son.

Displaying a pornographic image of Hunter Biden, Greene continued:

“So when Hunter Biden paid for this woman to do this with him, to travel across state lines from California to Washington, DC, on June 15th, this is a violation of the Mann Act. This was prostitution.”

Greene then added, “This is evidence of Hunter Biden making sex, excuse me, this is my time, making pornography.”

Once the video began making the rounds on social media, there was a call for Greene to be expelled from Congress for her sickening display.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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