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Don Jr. Compares American Teachers To Terrorists In Disgusting Fundraising Email

It seems that anyone with the name “Trump” is capable of just about any malign or malicious act or utterance you can conjure up from the darkest corners of the human psyche, and now we have further proof that the Trump family is indeed a malignant tumor on the United States.

As part of a fundraising email sent out to MAGA faithful by the 1776 Project PAC, Donald Trump Jr. begs for money to help fight against the teaching of “critical race theory” in schools, asserting that anyone who would dare to share the ugly racial history of this country to a child is no better than a terrorist, Salon reports:

“There are people out there in the far-off corners of the world who hate everything that the United States of America stands for — and they have made it their life’s work to destroy our country. But they’re not who I’m worried about. I’m worried about the people right here in our own backyards who share the same hatred for our country as the terrorists hiding in the caves of Afghanistan.”

Oh, and there was also this bit of incredible irony as Junior begged for bucks despite the fact that he and his father had urged their supporters to stage an insurrection on Jan. 6 at the Capitol:

“Because when President Lincoln said ‘America will never be destroyed from the outside … if we lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves’ he was RIGHT. The most dangerous threats to our republic aren’t hiding in caves — they’re hiding in plain sight in our K-12 classrooms.

“They’re training the next generation to hate our country, hate our freedom and hate our Constitution. Because they know the generation taught to hate our country from kindergarten to college will be the one that destroys it, and surrenders us to socialism once and for all.”

Can you tell what Don Jr. is driving at? He’s calling anyone who disagrees with him or his father the enemy, which is also a call for violence, Chauncey Devega warns:

“Donald Trump Jr.’s fundraising email for the 1776 Project PAC is not a version of stochastic terrorism. It is something worse and more dangerous. That email is an explicit encouragement to engage in acts of right-wing terrorism and other violence against ‘the enemy.’ The encouragement is working: Public opinion polls and other research have shown that a large percentage of Republicans and other self-identified Trump supporters and ‘conservatives’ increasingly view political violence as an acceptable means of winning, holding and expanding political power.”

Why are Republicans resorting to such language? Because they know it works with their already radicalized core audience. It pushes all the wrong buttons, which is precisely what the extreme right-wing in this country wants. They want to turn their acolytes into soldiers who will kill or die for a false narrative. And as we saw yesterday at the Library of Congress and in January at the Capitol, it’s working.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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