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WATCH Jen Psaki Call Fox’s Peter Doocy Out For Lying About Biden’s Policies

If there’s a White House press briefing, you can count on Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy trying to twist President Joe Biden’s words and getting slapped down by press secretary Jen Psaki.

Today’s dustup took place when Doocy asked about a report that seven school districts in Virginia are suing Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R) for his ban on mask madates:

“So who does the president think knows best for students? School board members or parents?”

Psaki replied:

“The president believes that public health officials have the best guidance on what we can all do to protect ourselves. Studies show that masks reduce transmissions in school. They are a proven tool that helps keep teachers safe from Covid and they can thus help keep schools open and safe.”

But that response wasn’t enough for Doocy, who then asked:

“So if a parent wants to send their kid to school with no mask, should that child be allowed to go to school and be in class?”


“Again, what we’re advising school districts on is to abide by public health guidelines and follow public health guidelines. It’s about keeping an entire community safe and those are the decisions that people should focus on making.”

Clearly trying to criticize Biden’s policies on education and health, Doocy added:

“Just so it’s crystal clear for anybody watching, you guys think that ultimately in this conflict between school board members and parents, the school board members should have more of a say.”

The press secretary shut Doocy up by telling him:

“That’s actually not what I said. I think everybody should abide by public health guidelines, not just to keep their own kids safe, but keep their school community safe, whether it’s teachers, classmates, administrators or others in schools.”

And that’s how you counter the bullshit that flows 24/7 from Fox and other right-wing propaganda outlets: With facts. They absolutely hate that.

Here’s the video from Fox News:


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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