Donald Trump Jr. Social Media WTF?!

According To Donald Trump Jr., Women Who Dye Their Hair Are ‘Poisonous’

With multiple criminal investigations closing in on him, his father, and his two oldest siblings, Donald Trump Jr. is trying to remain relevant and post as much mindless bullshit as possible on social media, because he won’t have access to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram when he gets to prison.

Junior’s latest target? Women who dare to color their hair. He attacked them by comparing then to animals who “develop bright colors” to “warn others of their toxicity.

WTF?! If someone dares to color their hair, that makes them poisonous? Does his father know that, because it’s quite clear the old man uses some sort of coloring in that rat’s nest sitting atop his head.

What about Ivanka? I’m willing to be she also colors her hair and has since she was a teenager.

One good thing did come from Don Jr’s moronic posting: The beating he took on social media.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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