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Washed Up Actor Ricky Schroder Joins The Trucker ‘Freedom Convoy’ Because He Says He Won’t Be A ‘Slave’

The so-called “Freedom Convoy” of truckers that began in Canada and has now tentatively metastasized in the United States say their goal is to get all COVID restrictions removed because they’re tired of the “repression” being imposed over the virus, which has already killed 957,000 Americans.

Since nearly all of the restrictions have now been lifted in the U.S., you have to wonder why exactly these mostly right-wing extremists continue to engage in what they call a protest in support of “freedom.”

Even though he isn’t a truck driver, washed up actor Ricky Schroder has decided that he needs to be a part of the convoy and has posted a video of himself in the cab of a truck (with a Bible in front of him) where he tells viewers:

“This is, this has got to be the stand we make. We’re not livestock. We’re not cattle. You know, we can’t be treated as such. We’re free, and purging, you know, law enforcement, and purging the military, that’s just the writing on the wall. They’re setting up to set up we the people against our own, out own institutions.”

Schroeder concludes his filmed screed with this line:

“Unless you’re ready to, I guess, kill us all, you better change your minds because we’re not going to live as slaves.”

Really, dude? Slaves? You have no freaking idea what it means to be a slave. The color of your skin proves that.

Reportedly, Schroeder was denied entry at a Costco several months back, so now he wants to lay his life on the line to guarantee that never happens to anyone again. How brave of him!

If people choose not to wear a mask, so be it. But how about we deny them entry to a hospital if and when they contract COVID? Sounds like a fair trade to me. If you choose to endanger your own life and the lives of others, you get treated like the disease-ridden outcast you are.

As for Ricky Schroder, is it any wonder no one in Hollywood wants to work with this infantile sack of shit?


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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