Donald Trump Social Media Viral Video WTF?!

Video Of High School Cheerleaders Dancing For Donald Trump Creeps Out The Internet

A viral video of failed former president Donald Trump watching high school cheerleaders dance prior to Sunday’s Super Bowl is drawing strong commentary on social media, with many suggesting the disgraced ex-president should never be allowed near underage girls.

The video was posted by Trump’s deputy director of communications, Margo Martin, according to Newsweek.

Trump … briefly danced along to tunes played by a local high school band. The clip, taken at the Trump International Golf Course in Florida and posted on February 11, has been viewed over 236,000 times.

As you’d expect, Trump loyalists loved the video and complimented him on his moves.

Most commenters, however, were disgusted by the site of an accused sex offender and former BFF of the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein with teenage girls.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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