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Trump Spokesperson: There’s No Need For Biden To Give State Of The Union – Donald Did That At CPAC

Liz Harrington is failed, one-term former President Donald Trump’s chief spokesperson, mainly because she has a Twitter account (unlike him) and is willing to parrot whatever nonsense he gives her to repeat to the world.

Harrington’s latest head shaking assertion is that there’s no need for President Joe Biden to give tonight’s State of the Union Address because Trump already covered that ground with his rambling speech at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference over the weekend.

Appearing on Real America’s Voice (a right-wing site that pushes all sorts of nonsense), Harrington commented:

“There’s really no need for him to give a State of the Union [from] the fraud that’s sitting in the White House right now because President Trump summed it all up on Saturday at CPAC.”

Of course, this is just the latest lie Harrington has told regarding the 2020 election, with CNN reporting:

On the day of the Capitol insurrection in January, Harrington falsely insisted that the election was being stolen by “communists.” And less than a week after the insurrection, she falsely claimed that “the real insurrection” occurred during “vote dumps” the morning after Election Day.

A day after Biden had been declared winner on Nov. 8, Harrington had this to say in an interview she gave to a California TV station:

Harrington baselessly insisted that Biden could not have earned 81 million “real votes” because he had small crowds at his campaign events. (A candidate’s crowd sizes do not necessarily predict their vote totals even when a pandemic is not occurring, and Biden’s campaign team shrunk his events for the purpose of social distancing.) And Harrington baselessly suggested it was suspicious that Biden won states in which Trump had early leads in the public vote totals, though Trump had those illusory leads only because many of the votes had not yet been counted.

When you can’t argue the facts, lie and deny. That’s the preferred strategy of Trump and his acolytes.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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