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Trump Spits On The Memory Of Colin Powell With Disgusting Statement On His Passing

Even though he waited 24 hours before commenting on the death of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who died of COVID complications on Monday, failed, one-term former President Donald Trump made sure to trash Powell’s legacy in a statement he issued through his spokesperson, Liz Harrington.

“Wonderful to see Colin Powell, who made big mistakes on Iraq, and famously, so-called weapons of mass destruction, be treated in death so beautifully by the Fake News Media. Hope that happens to me someday. He was a classic RINO, if even that, always being the first to attack other Republicans. He made plenty of mistakes, but anyway, may he rest in peace.”

Of course, Donald Trump has never made any mistakes. At least, not in his deranged mind. He mishandled the response to COVID, threatened our allies, praised murderous dictators such as Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un, and has been accused of sexually assaulting dozens of women, yet he has the nerve to slag a true American hero who served his country with honor and distinction.

Reaction to Trump’s hateful statement was immediate:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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