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Tom Cotton Gets His A*s Handed To Him When He Accuses Democrats Of Being Soft On Putin

During a debate in the Senate on the lifting of sanctions on a pipeline, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) accused Democrats of “appeasing” Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Newsweek reports:

Cotton took broad aim at how the Democrats had handled Moscow in criticism, referring in particular to the Biden administration’s suspension of sanctions on entities involved with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

Critics, including both Republicans and Democrats, say that the pipeline, which will take gas between Russia and Germany, gives Putin a geopolitical advantage. The pipeline was stalled by German lawmakers this week.

That led Cotton to remark:

“The simplest way to deter invasion of Ukraine, the simplest way to deter Russian aggression, is to draw clear red lines of enforcement, something that Joe Biden will not do, something that apparently the Democratic senators will not force him to do.”

In response, New Hampshire Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen immediately fired back at Cotton, reminding him that he’d been allowed to visit Russia while the Russian government refused to grant her entry:

“I just have to take real umbrage at your suggestion, Sen. Cotton. I’m the one who Vladimir Putin refused a visa to get into Russia, because of my opposition to Russia, and to what Putin was doing.”

She then added:

“He didn’t deny you a visa to get into the country. So don’t talk to me about how I’ve not been tough enough on Russia, because that dog won’t hunt!”

Keep in mind this is the same Tom Cotton who refused to impeach failed, one-term former President Donald Trump for extorting our Ukrainian allies unless they agree to help him trash President Joe Biden. He delayed military aid to them at a time when Ukraine was being harassed and threatened with attack by Putin’s military.

Do us all a favor, Sen. Cotton: Sit down and shut the hell up.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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