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Ted Cruz Got His A*s Handed To Him At A Senate Hearing – So He Stormed Out Like A Child

Though it’s been said millions of times before, it bears repeating: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the biggest, most obnoxious douchebag in the U.S. Senate.

Cruz proved what a petulant shitbag he is once again recently during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence when he accused Democrats of wanting to “defund the police,” which is a lie that gets repeated by conservatives whenever anyone says there’s far too much death and destruction caused by the weapons of mass murder produced by arms companies in the United States:

“You just said a moment ago that no Democrat favors abolishing the police. If that were the case why did every single Democrat vote to confirm Vanita Gupta—a nominee for the number three position at the Department of Justice who said last year in writing, in written testimony before this Senate, advocated abolishing the police?”

Of course, what Cruz said contains not a shred of truth. Gupta has written that she favors using some of the funds currently spent on cops to programs that would focus on improving care for the mentally ill, addressing the underlying economic causes of violent crime, and looking for alternatives to merely hiring more police officers.

Despite having already misstated what Ms. Gupta stands for, Cruz continued to trash a woman who dares to have an opinion that differs from his:

“And [Gupta] was confirmed by one vote. Every single Democrat was the necessary vote to confirm a radical who advocated abolishing the police and just this week we’re taking up Kristin Clarke, another radical, who has last year in testimony before this Senate advocated abolishing the police. If you don’t support abolishing the police why do you keep voting for nominees who advocate abolishing the police?”

But Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal (CT) called Cruz out for his nonsense, reminding him:

“As you well know Senator Cruz, that is a complete distortion of their positions. We’re not here to talk about those nominees. If you want to stay, we can do it at the end of the hearing. But right now we’re going to move on.”

Rather than stay and participate in rest of the hearing, Cruz stood up and walked out like a child taking his toy and running home to mommy. Seems the Texas senator isn’t just a lying asshat, he’s also unable to take criticism, which is a sure sign of insecurity.

Maybe it’s time to rename Sen. Cruz the Raving Infantile Liar. It’s a hell of a lot more accurate.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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