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Secret Video Shows GOP Sen. Ron Johnson Admitting Trump Lost In 2020

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) has long been one of failed, one-term former President Donald Trump’s most vocal supporters, refusing to admit that there was no fraud in the 2020 election and declare that President Joe Biden won fair and square.

But behind closed doors, Johnson is singing a much different tune, saying that Trump lost the state of Wisconsin all by himself. Wisconsin was one of the states Biden managed to flip after it went for Trump four years earlier.

 Lauren Windsor posted the video on Twitter. In it, Johnson notes that if tens of thousands of voters hadn’t refused to vote for Trump, he might have won the state:

“Collectively, the state assembly candidates, just Republican state assembly candidates, got [1.661 million] votes. The eight congressional candidates also got [1.661 million], so we obviously counted enough Republican votes. The only reason Trump lost Wisconsin is that 51,000 Republican voters didn’t vote for him.”

The person shooting the video then asks Johnson if he believes Biden won the state “fair and square,” to which the senator replies:

“Well, look at the totals. It’s certainly plausible, there’s nothing obviously skewed about the results. There isn’t!”

There was nothing “skewed” about the results in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina or Wisconsin, as Trump and his apologists have asserted ever since the final vote totals were certified.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris won the 2020 election overwhelmingly. They won it in both the popular and electoral vote, and it wasn’t close.

It’s interesting that Ron Johnson has no problem telling the truth behind closed doors but won’t do so publicly. More proof that Republicans have no spine and remain terrified of the man who tried his best to destroy this country for his own glorification.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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