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QAnon Leaders Are Now Encouraging Their Members To ‘Experience Physical Death’

A couple of years ago, some members of the QAnon movement (which many experts consider to be a cult), gathered in Dallas to await the return of the late President John F. Kennedy and his son, John Jr.

The people in Dallas were being led by a man named Michael Brian Protzman, who is known as Negative48 by his closest followers, all of whom believe that baby-eating pedophiles control the major governments of the world, including the United States.

But while most of the QAnon rhetoric has been aimed at others, especially Democratic political figures, an offshoot of the group is now suggesting that it may be time for members to “experience physical death,” which is setting off alarm bells for those who warn the movement is entering a dark phase that may culminate with a mass suicide event such as the one that Jim Jones led in Guyana circa 1978, when 909 people killed themselves by drinking fruit punch laced with cyaninde.

According to Vice:

While the group initially appeared to be waiting for the reappearance of JFK,  over the weekend, the tone of Protzman’s comments shifted dramatically. Besides proclaiming that he was God’s representative on earth, he also took part in a video chat where participants openly spoke about having to experience death in order to learn the truth.

“Ultimately… we have to experience that physical death… let go… come out on the other side,” one of the participants in the video call suggested.

Where were members to meet next? Waco, Texas:

The administrator of Protzman’s Telegram channel posted a screenshot of a navigation app showing the destination as Waco, Texas, where in 1993 a monthslong law enforcement siege of the Mount Carmel compound belonging to the Branch Davidian religious sect ended with 76 people dead, including 25 children.

That led Mike Rothschild, author of The Storm Is Upon Us, which is about QAnon, to tweet out a warning:

“The moment when the leaders of a cultic group start talking about the need for physical death to reach utopia is the moment to get the authorities involved.”

Though it’s impossible to predict what will happen next with a group of people as mentally unstable as QAnon believers, we could all awaken one morning and see the tragic results of such apocalyptic beliefs.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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