Donald Trump QAnon WTF?!

QAnon Cultists Say JFK Is Making Public Appearances – Disguised As Donald Trump

The QAnon faithful believe a lot of bizarre shit. For example:

  • They say world governments and financial markets are controlled by Satan worshiping pedophiles who eat the adrenal glands of children to stay strong.
  • They drink a caustic (and even deadly) bleach compound from a communal bowl.
  • Some of them even claim they can time travel.

And now we have the QAnon cultists wanting us to believe that the late former President John F. Kennedy (who was assassinated in 1963) is making public appearances all over the country. How’s he managing to do that without getting noticed? Well, he’s disguised as failed, one-term former President Donald Trump.

Yes, you read that correctly, as Vice reports:

Having spent the last two-and-a-half months holed up in Dallas awaiting the reappearance of John F. Kennedy and his son, a group of two dozen or so QAnon followers, led by an antisemitic guru called Michael Protzman, made the 1,000 mile trip to hear Trump speaking at his first major rally of 2022.

Ahead of the rally, Protzman, or Negative48 as he’s known to his followers, predicted the event would feature some major revelations. While most QAnon followers criticized Trump for talking about returning in 2024 rather than trying to overturn the 2020 election result, Protzman told his followers that something huge happened in the desert on Saturday night.

In an audio chat with his followers on Sunday, Protzman claimed that Kari Lake, the former TV anchor who is now running for Arizona governor, had just finished speaking but was brought back up on stage by Trump, in order to show people that Trump was in fact JFK in disguise.

The basis for Protzman’s unhinged claim? Trump appeared to be shorter than he should have been.

Here’s Protzman in all his lunacy, explaining his utterly irrational theory:

Makes perfect sense, huh? Only if you’ve taken enough hallucinogens to fell a herd of elephants.

Know who else was at Trump’s Saturday rally in Arizona? None other than Kobe Bryant and Tupac Shakur. Both of whom (like JFK) are deceased.

For those who live in Arizona, the good news is that the QAnon ditzes have left your state and are back in Dallas again where they’re still eagerly awaiting Trump’s being placed back in power and for a 104-year-old JFK to rise from the grave and make everything right with the world.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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