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Peter Doocy Tries To Blame Biden For The Fox Christmas Tree Arson – And Gets Schooled By Jen Psaki

Ever since a mentally ill homeless man set fire to the gaudy Christmas tree outside Fox News headquarters in New York last week, propagandists at the right-wing network have desperately been trying to find a way to blame the incident on President Joe Biden, suggesting that a rise in the crime rate across the country led to the torching of the Fox tree.

On Monday, Fox correspondent Peter Doocy ran the idea of Biden shouldering some of the blame by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, and based on the response he received, he probably wishes he’d kept that question on his notepad and to himself.

Specifically, Doocy noted that the man charged with the crime had been charged and released until his court date, which led him to go on a mini-rant aimed at the president, who has absolutely nothing to do with who does or doesn’t go to jail in the city of New York:

“But I guess what good does it do if you’re gonna give police departments extra money if they arrest bad guys, and they bring ’em to jail, and then they’re not prosecuted? They’re just right back out on the street.

“We’ve seen an arsonist burn down a half a million dollar Christmas tree in New York City. Back out on the streets. Does the President think that that’s good governing?”

That was all it took for Psaki to calmly remind Doocy how the criminal justice system works and what powers a president does and doesn’t have as it relates to crimes committed in local jurisdictions:

“I think Peter, what our focus is on is making sure that the local leaders, the police officers and departments who know what they need for these communities have the assistance and the funding they need and that’s what we’re working around the clock on.

“I would point you to the local police departments or the Department of Justice.”

In other words, stop asking moronic questions you know the answer to before you ever pose them.

And if you’re dumb enough to put up a half-million dollar tree in a public place and someone decides to burn it down, take your tax write-off and shut the hell up already. You sound like a damn three-year-old who didn’t get what he wanted from Santa.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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