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Eric Trump Is Now Pushing The Idea That Joe Biden Won’t Live Through His Term In Office

Ever since Joe Biden was elected president, those opposed to him have been trying to suggest that he might be in failing health, even though they fail to provide any facts or evidence to support such a premise.

The irony of such morbid speculation is especially rich when you consider that failed, one-term former President Donald Trump was indeed a walking health time bomb. While in office, he was morbidly overweight, often consumed large amounts of fast food, and got almost no exercise.

In contrast, President Biden is toned, eats a balanced diet, and regularly exercises with the use of a Peloton bike.

And yet, despite this contrast, Trump’s son, Eric, is now posting tweets in which he is tacitly endorsing the idea that Biden won’t live out the length of his term in office:

Also included in Eric’s tweet is an attempt to fearmonger among the MAGA faithful by appealing to their racism and misogyny: If Biden doesn’t serve his term, a black woman will replace him!

Eric’s obvious reveling in the idea of another person’s passing is both perverse and disgusting, as many people reminded the twice-impeached former president’s spawn:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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