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McConnell Is Worried Because Joe Biden Is Delivering Results For Americans

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is not happy.

Now that he’s Senate Minority Leader and has absolutely no power whatsoever, McConnell is irrelevant and cannot make a single decision when it comes to Senate business.


Even worse for McConnell is the fact that President Joe Biden has good poll numbers and Americans say they agree with the vast majority of his policy proposals, including his infrastructure plan and wanting to raise taxes on corporations and the wealthiest taxpayers.

All of this has McConnell very nervous, according to presidential historian Tim Naftali, who made his remarks during an appearance on CNN “Newsroom”:

“Mitch McConnell is nervous. When Mitch McConnell, who doesn’t really care much about the writing of history, starts talking about the 1619 Project, when others in his caucus start talking about the fact that the federal government doesn’t want you to eat red meat, they’re trying to change the subject.”

Naftali then added that Biden is playing McConnell and the GOP like a fiddle because he knows exactly how to beat them at their own game:

“Because Biden has been in Washington so long, he knows how Democrats have failed,” continued Naftali. “Biden understands you’ve got to change the message. You’ve got to deliver for rural America. Mitch McConnell sees that as a threat. Will he be successful if the people of Kentucky start to see the benefits of a Biden-pushed stimulus and infrastructure program.”

Imagine it’s 2024 and Biden has indeed created millions of new jobs with his economic programs. The economy is humming along and the incumbent president has high approval ratings. Democrats have added to their majority in the House and Senate and the GOP looks like little more than a party of whiners.

Mitch McConnell should be nervous. He’s up against a man who wasn’t thought to have any chance of being president. Now he’s in the White House and he’s kicking McConnell’s ass on a daily basis.

Here’s Tim Naftali on CNN:


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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