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MAGA Faithful Have An Online Meltdown After A Poll Shows Americans Consider Trump A Failure

It seems that everyone except Donald Trump’s deranged supporters know that the current president is a massive failure who didn’t win a second term, was impeached, and is leaving the White House in disgrace, the most disliked American head of state since Richard Nixon.

Proof of that arrived courtesy of a USA Today/Suffolk University poll which shows that 50 percent of those surveyed say Donald Trump is indeed a failure:

“Fifty percent of Americans now predict history will judge him as a ‘failed’ president.

“The survey, taken in the waning weeks of his administration, shows the risks of actions he is contemplating on his way out the door. Americans overwhelmingly say issuing a preemptive pardon for himself would be an abuse of presidential power, and an even bigger majority, including most Republicans, say he should attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration to demonstrate the peaceful transfer of power.”

The overall breakdown of responses in the survey are telling:

“Asked how history would judge Trump’s presidency, 16% predict he will be seen as a great president, 13% as a good president, 16% as a fair president, and 50% as a failed president. Five percent are undecided.” 

Trump’s numbers are also significantly lower than those of his predecessor, Barack Obama:

Then, a USA TODAY/Suffolk Poll found that half of Americans predicted history would view Obama in a positive light, with 18% calling him a great president and 32% a good one. Twenty-three percent called him a failed president.

That poll was all it took for the MAGA minions to lose their tiny minds on social media, where they proved just how clueless they truly are:

What’s going to be even more fun is in a few years when Trump gets ranked by historians as the worst president in American history. The Trump worshipers will probably demand that all the history books be burned. (Yeah, as if they could read them.)


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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