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Kyle Rittenhouse Claims He’s A Pre-Law Student At Arizona State – The University Says He’s Lying

Now that he’s been found not guilty of fatally shooting two Black Lives Matter protesters in August of 2020, Kyle Rittenhouse apparently wants us to believe that he’s moving on with his life, telling members of the media that he’ll be attending Arizona State University in the spring as a undergraduate student in pre-law.

However, Arizona State says Rittenhouse hasn’t applied to their university.

Salon reports:

In a statement to Forbes Friday, ASU spokesperson Jay Thorne said: “Mr. Rittenhouse withdrew from the two online courses for which he had signed up; he is welcome to apply for admissions and will be treated as any other applicant would be if and when he does.”

You may recall that when it became public knowledge a couple of weeks ago that Rittenhouse was taking online courses at ASU, student protests began on campus:

After news of his ties to the university were made public during the proceedings, students at ASU flew into an uproar, staging protests and chanting things like “Killer Kyle off our campus.” Rittenhouse supporters also flocked to campus in an attempt to defend the teenager.

So Rittenhouse isn’t enrolled at ASU? That’s the word from the university, and yet Rittenhouse continues to claim he is indeed a student:

Rittenhouse contested the school’s statement Wednesday during an appearance on far-right political commentator Steven Crowder’s podcast “Louder with Crowder.”

“They came out with a statement saying oh, no no no no, he’s not enrolled at ASU anymore,” Rittenhouse said. “I’m like, I’m enrolled, I’m just not in any classes. I’m admitted, I have a student portfolio.”

But a look at the university’s website would seem to confirm that Rittenhouse may be stretching the truth:

It appears Rittenhouse is too late to submit an application for the spring 2022 semeste​​r — the admission deadline was Nov. 1, according to the university’s website. Though a spokesperson for the university said he can always apply for the fall semester — or at any time in the future.

Much like his political hero, Donald Trump, it would seem that Kyle Rittenhouse lies about everything.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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