Jill Biden Social Media WTF?!

Jill Biden Wears An Orthopedic Boot So Right-Wingers Claim It’s To Hide An Ankle Monitor

You probably heard that First Lady Jill Biden had surgery a couple of weeks ago for an injury she sustained while walking on a beach in Hawaii. Specifically, she had very simple procedure, as reported by USA Today:

“The first lady ‘underwent a successful procedure on her left foot to flush out debris from a puncture wound,” said Michael LaRosa, the first lady’s press secretary, in a pool report. ‘After inspection of the wound by medical staff, it is unclear what object caused the puncture. The wound is now clean, free of infection and it is anticipated that it will heal nicely.’

“The puncture took place last weekend, prior to her two official events in Hawaii, when the first lady stepped on an object on the beach, according to a previous pool report.”

However, when a photo came out of Mrs. Biden wearing an orthopedic boot, people wondered if perhaps the first lady had once again hurt her foot or was just wearing the device for stability. Only she and her doctor know for sure, and quite frankly none of us have a right to any other information.

However, in the absence of a press release from the White House, rumors began to take root on social media, where right-wing nutjobs decided that the boot was actually there to hide an ankle monitor.

Wait, what? Why would the first lady of the United States be wearing an ankle monitor? Well, if you listen to the QAnon/MAGA/Trumper fools who prowl the darkest corners of the internet, it’s all part of a big conspiracy involving secret crimes and cabals of Satan worshipers who like to eat the brains of children.

So, as you’d expect, the bullshit started right away, and it was just as fact-free and mind-numbingly absurd as you’d expect from fools who voted for a man as immoral and evil as Donald Trump.

Have you ever wondered if these conspiracy theory spewing idiots all live in the same town and get together regularly to coordinate their stupid tweets?

If they do, can we please cut the internet access to that location?


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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