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Former Trump Attorney Predicts DOJ Will Indict Donald ‘Relatively Soon’

Now that we know failed, one-term, twice-impeached former president Donald Trump had some of the most sensitive nuclear documents the U.S. government possesses, there are new calls for Trump to be indicted by the Justice Department if only to send a message to others that no one is above the law and highlight the seriousness of such actions.

Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen said Wednesday on MSNBC that he’s convinced his former client will indeed be indicted “relatively soon.”

Host Joy Reid predicted that “No one will stop him. He’s untouchable.”

Cohen disagreed:

“I’m not so sure I would agree with that statement. Yes, he’s gotten away with so much already from obstruction of justice, witness tampering, tax fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, and misrepresentations. He’s gotten away with a litany of things and however, and this makes me scratch my head. The taking of classified documents, I mean, nuclear top secret documents should no longer be a Republican versus a Democratic issue, and I listened to all of the pundits on television whether, you know, it’s this station, CNN, Fox, listen to them all. This is an American issue, and I don’t understand what we’re doing. It’s not a question of whether the law is being applied equally to all. It is not. For God’s sake. The DOJ, they are tiptoeing around Donald as if he was the king, right? The supreme leader or a monarch…”

Cohen added that Trump cannot be above the law:

“I do think there’s going to be an indictment and relatively soon. I believe there will also be congressional hearings with Donald in the hot seat where, you know, either he’ll come in willingly which I don’t think he will or via subpoena. I mean, the real questions that they have to be asking right now is, you know, where are the documents that were in the empty top secret files that were found at Mar-a-Lago? I mean, that’s really the big question, and who did Donald give them to or show them to.”

Let’s hope Cohen is right. It’s way past time for Donald Trump to face the bar of justice.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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