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Former Trump Administration Official Whines That Russia Is Being ‘Canceled’ For Invading Ukraine

Monica Crowley is a former Fox News host who later got a job in the Trump administration as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs, even though her only qualifications were that she’d once been a host on Fox News.

And now Crowley is showing up on Fox to make a complete fool of herself as she comments on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, telling host Jesse Watters that Russia is being “canceled” just because they illegally invaded another sovereign nation:

“Look, Russia is now being canceled, right? I mean, between the fierce Ukrainian resistance and the widespread international financial sanctions and boycotts, and Russian teams being barred from international competition, Russia is being canceled.”

Of course, the idea of something being “canceled” is part of a larger narrative that the right-wing has been pushing for years now. If someone makes a disgusting statement and faces backlash for it, they’re supposedly being canceled. If people decide to boycott a business because they refuse to serve the LGBTQ community and that impacts their bottom line, that’s canceling something.

And yet, conservatives have no problem saying certain books shouldn’t be allowed in schools because they show the horror of slavery or reassure young people it’s OK to be different, to be an individual, and to love whoever you want.

Twitter wasn’t having any of Crowley’s whiny bullshit:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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