Fox News Lies Russia WTF?!

Fox News Finds A Ridiculous New Reason For Putin’s Invasion Of Ukraine: Benghazi

If you thought you’d heard all of the absurd excuses from Fox News for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the gang at “Fox & Friends” cranked the crazy up to 11, suggesting that Benghazi also played a role, according to Media Matters.

Yep. Benghazi. The favorite talking point of every right-wing crackpot when they need an explanation for the unexplained or an easy way to blame everything on Hillary Clinton.

The discussion began when co-host Peter Doocy remarked:

“He’s got one playbook and he’s going to it again. The Putin playbook. He’s done this before when he went into — when everything happened with Georgia back in the day.”

Ainsley Earhardt then added her two cents worth to the discussion, though it quickly became obvious those two cents were worth far less:

“He knows how Biden handled Afghanistan. That was a disaster. He also lost two embassies. He has lost the Afghanistan embassy and now the Ukrainian embassy has moved to Poland. When he was vice president, Benghazi happened. And, even, we know that [former Secretary of Defense Robert] Gates said he has been wrong on every foreign policy and national security issue for the past four decades. He looks very weak, and Russia is taking advantage of it.”

Wow! Biden was VP when Benghazi happened, so it must be his fault, right? Well, his and Hillary’s. Oh, and Obama’s, too, because conservatives still haven’t fully accepted the fact that American voters elected a black man to the presidency TWICE.

What the blockheads at Fox failed to mention is that failed, one-term President Donald Trump repeatedly showed how feckless he was when it came to Putin, constantly defending the Russian mass murderer and making excuses for everything his buddy Vlad did.


The Trump faithful watching at home probably stood up and cheered when they heard the Benghazi talking point was back with a vengeance.

What’s next? Well if Putin continues to advance into Ukraine, don’t be surprised if Fox starts suggesting it’s because Hillary had a private computer server at her house.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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