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Former AG Bill Barr Was Served With Legal Summons And ‘Did Not Appear Happy’ About It

Former Attorney General William Barr isn’t used to being on the receiving end of bad legal news, but that’s exactly what happened today when he was served with a summons at his home in McLean, Virginia.

The summons is part of a lawsuit filed by former Trump attorney/fixer Michael Cohen, who alleges that Barr and ex-President Trump violated his First Amendment rights in 2020.

Specifically, according to Law & Crime, Cohen alleges that Barr had him placed in solitary confinement when it became known that he was writing a tell-all book:

Donald Trump’s former fixer turned critic Michael Cohen sued the former president, ex-Attorney General Bill Barr and other members of the previous administration on Thursday for sending him back to prison last year for 16 days of solitary confinement in alleged retaliation for writing a book.

U.S. District Judge Alvin Hellerstein ruled in July of 2020 that it was clear the DOJ under Barr’s instructions, wanted to silence him, writing:

“I make the finding that the purpose of transferring Mr. Cohen from furlough and home confinement to jail is retaliatory, and it’s retaliatory because of his desire to exercise his First Amendment rights to publish a book and to discuss anything about the book or anything else he wants on social media and with others.”

Word that Barr had been served came from Andrew Laufer, an attorney for Cohen, who noted that Barr was “wearing shorts and did not appear happy.”

Cohen also confirmed that Barr had been slapped with the summons, doing a bit of celebrating on Twitter:


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