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Eric Trump Calls His Dad During A Speech To Say He Loves Him – Donald’s Response Is Pathetic

In what may well be the most cringeworthy video to hit social media so far this year, Eric Trump decided he’d phone his daddy during a speech he was giving to a right-wing extremist group to let the old man know he loved him.

Here’s what Eric told his father as he held a cell phone up to a microphone so the crowd could hear him:

“You know what, Dad, there is so much love in this room for this country and for you and everything you accomplished. And, um, I speak on behalf of every single person here: They love you, I love you, we’re proud of you.”

The failed, one-term former president replied:

“Well thank you very much, and everybody enjoy yourselves and have a good weekend, and I’ll be in Ohio soon and I’ll see you all.”

Did you notice that Donald failed to tell his own son that he loves him? What sort of father neglects to do that when one of his kids has left an “I love you” hanging out there?

Twitter users certainly noticed the slight.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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