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WATCH Eric Trump Almost Burst Into Tears During An Interview With Sean Hannity

Things are falling apart for the Trump family, and the stress of multiple investigations — paired with news that the Trump Organization’s longtime accounting firm has dumped the company and declared Trump Org’s financial filings are a lie — led Eric Trump go to on Sean Hannity’s show Monday evening and whine about how bad things are.

At a couple of points during the discussion, Eric even looked like he might start weeping at any moment.

Rather than defend his father and the Trump Organization, Eric Trump used deflection, suggesting that Hillary Clinton needs to be under investigation:

“Where are the prosecutors right now? You know, the same prosecutors, they’ll go after my father every single day for nothing, right? Just because they want to disqualify him because he’s clearly the front runner for 2024.

“Where are those prosecutors? Hillary Rodham Clinton is a New York resident. Let me just kind of break that down for you. She lives in Chappaqua, New York and guess where Trump Tower is located is located? It’s located on Fifth Avenue in New York. Where are these prosecutors? Where is the DA? Isn’t that a federal – Isn’t that a, you know, isn’t that fraud? Isn’t that all sorts of offenses?”

Seconds later, the ex-president’s son asked Hannity:

“Where’s Letitia James in this whole thing? Is she just gonna ignore this because Hillary happens to be in her political party?”

The “whole thing” Eric is referring to is a court filing by Special Counsel John Durham which right-wing media is attempting to prove is a smoking gun that proves Hillary was spying on Trump. Problem is, there’s nothing in that filing that suggests such a thing, as Dean Obeidallah noted on Twitter:

Attorney Marcy Wheeler also explained what a giant nothing burger the Durham filing is during an appearance on MSNBC Tuesday morning:

“One of the things [Durham] revealed in that, which I have heard from other people is this claim that Rodney Joffe was accessing data from the White House. All of that data precedes Trump’s inauguration, so you have Trump out there calling for these people to be put to death when really what happened is Rodney Joffe was trying to keep [then-president] Barack Obama safe from hackers. That’s all it is. That’s why Trump wants these people killed, Durham knows that.”

Poor Eric. He can sense that the walls are closing in on him, his father and two of his siblings, Don Jr. and Ivanka. So he’s lashing out and getting all weepy. He’d do better to keep his mouth shut and let his attorneys handle the matter. Instead, he’s giving prosecutors even more ammunition they can use against him and his family.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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