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WATCH: CNN Host Swats Down Matt Gaetz For Lying About GOP’s Bogus Impeachment Inquiry

On Tuesday, without a formal vote of the full House of Representatives, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) instructed the relevant House committees to begin a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

In his announcement, McCarthy said, “These are allegations of abuse of power, obstruction and corruption. They warrant further investigation by the House of Representatives.”

McCarthy’s move was a complete capitulation to extremists in the House GOP caucus. One of those members, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), later praised McCarthy’s move, but also suggested he might call for the Speaker’s removal, Newsweek notes:

“I rise today to serve notice: Mr. Speaker, you are out of compliance with the agreement that allowed you to assume this role. The path forward for the House of Representatives is to either bring you into immediate, total compliance or remove you pursuant to a motion to vacate the chair,” Gaetz said on the House floor.

“So we’re either going to get compliance, or we’re going to start having votes on motions to vacate, and we’re gonna have them regularly. I don’t anticipate them passing immediately. But I think that, you know, if we have to begin every single day in Congress with the prayer, the pledge and the motion to vacate, so be it.”

Gaetz appeared on CNN Tuesday evening to explain why he supported the impeachment inquiry called for by McCarthy, citing “bank records, devices, laptops, travel records” as “evidence” of high crimes and misdemeanors by President Biden.

But when host Abby Phillip explained that Republicans have yet to provide a shred of actual evidence against the president, a flabbergasted Gaetz exclaimed, “Are you trying to tell your viewers you don’t believe Joe Biden was involved in Hunter Biden’s–“

Phillip responded:

“Congressman, it’s not what I believe, it’s about whether there is evidence that president Biden is linked to the misdeeds that might be linked to Hunter Biden. That’s the issue.”

There is absolutely no evidence of crimes by President Biden. There are only accusations without any substance and constant mentions of alleged misdeeds by the president’s son, Hunter, who has never worked a day in the administration, unlike Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, who were top advisers to failed former president Donald Trump and later received a $2 billion payoff of gratitude from a Saudi investment firm.

House Republicans are about to go down a road that will lead to them getting wiped out in the 2024 election, so at least something good will come from their idiocy.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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