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Twitter Points And Laughs As Ted Cruz Struggles To Climb Down From A Big Rig At Trucker Convoy Photo Op

Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz absolutely loves associating himself with right-wing assholes and their pathetic “causes.”

Perfect example: The so-called “People’s Convoy” of truckers who rolled into Washington, D.C. this week and began making laps around the Beltway in their 18-wheelers, burning untold gallons of diesel fuel in a moronic attempt to bring attention to COVID restrictions that have already been rolled back across the nation.

Cruz took a ride earlier this week with one of the lead big rigs as it went in circles, and he quickly found out that most motorists weren’t impressed by the fact that people from out of town came to crowd up their highways and slow down their rush hour commute:

The Texas Tribune reported on Cruz’s participation in the protest:

Wearing a green jacket and blue jeans, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz climbed off the passenger seat of a red 18-wheeler with two American flags flying on its truck bed that had driven into Washington, D.C., from northwest Maryland.

Moving toward a makeshift podium on U.S. Capitol grounds near a statue dedicated to naval soldiers who died defending the Union during the Civil War, Cruz joined organizers of a convoy of truckers who have driven across the nation in protest of vaccine and mask mandates — even as many of those mandates have already been lifted or blocked.

But perhaps the funniest thing to come out of the pathetically-attended trucker convoy was the sight of Cruz struggling mightily to climb down from one of the big rigs. Take a look at this video:

Look at the gut on Teddy! Is he deliberately putting on weight so he can appeal to the MAGA/Trump voters who are convinced that the morbidly obese ex-president only weighs 239 pounds? If so, it’s not a good look.

But the best thing about Cruz’s labored climb down from that truck are the comments it elicited on Twitter.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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