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Ted Cruz Tried To Troll Jen Psaki With A Nickname But Only Wound Up Owning Himself

Some people never learn.

Take, for example, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), who loves to try and troll people he disagrees with, but almost always fails and winds up with egg on his face.

Such was the case Thursday when Cruz spoke at CPAC in Orlando, Florida, Mediaite reports:

 After referencing (White House Press Secretary Jen) Psaki, Cruz actually called out the audience out for not booing the mere mention of her.

The audience obliged.


“You know, Peppermint Patty deserves some love,” Cruz said, comparing Psaki to the character from Peanuts

When a reporter referenced Cruz’s comments at the daily White House press briefing, Psaki had the perfect retort:

“Don’t tell him I like Peppermint Patty. So I’m not going to take it too offensively. Sen. Cruz, I like Peppermint Patty. I’m a little tougher than that, but there you go.”

Cruz also got a thorough roasting on Twitter:

Of course, Ted will never be able to live down his nickname, Cancun Cruz, so his only option is to try and divert attention from himself to someone else. Problem is, he looks like an asshole either way.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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