Donald Trump WTF?!

The Latest MAGA-Inspired Portrait Of Trump Is Beyond Pathetic

As much as they try to deny it, those who slavishly laud and support failed, one-term former President Donald Trump are actually part of a cult, which is defined as:

A cult is group of people defined by a “religious” devotion to something β€” often a self-appointed leader. 

Sound familiar? It explains why so many of the Trump faithful feel a need to put signs and flags up in their yards that let everyone know they still support Donnie Dotard despite the fact that he lost in a landslide to President Joe Biden.

Or consider the QAnon subculture that has also been spawned in the wake of Trump’s rise over the past few years. These people are convinced that Trump is the anointed one has been sent to fight and defeat the evil Democrats who get their power from eating the adrenal glands of children after they’ve been sexually trafficked. And yet the people who have actually been accused of sexual abuse and trafficking are Republicans such as the Donald and his faithful lapdog Matt Gaetz.

The “artwork” of painter Jon McNaughton is also part of the Trump cult, depicting the twice-impeached ex-president as some sort of mythic hero who can cure every ill faced by modern society.

Here’s McNaughton’s latest bit of artistic adoration:

A couple of questions regarding the above creation:

  • Why do they all have semiautomatic weapons when those hadn’t even been invented when most of these former presidents were in office?
  • How did Jefferson, Reagan, Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Kennedy get Planet Fitness memberships when it wasn’t incorporated until 1992?

The complete absurdity of the new Trump artwork had Twitter in stitches:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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