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Ted Cruz Attacked Biden For Going On ‘Vacation’ – That Was A Cancun-Sized Mistake

Ted Cruz may well be the least self-aware person in all of Washington, and as a result he continually tries to attack others on social media but only winds up owning himself in absolutely humiliating fashion.

This time, Cruz saw a tweet online from the GOP that chided President Joe Biden for going on “vacation,” which is not exactly the proper word for the president going back to his home state of Delaware for the long Columbus Day weekend.

What the GOP didn’t mention are the endless golfing vacations failed former President Donald Trump took and charged taxpayers for. Trump played more golf in four years than Arnold Palmer did in his entire life.

Trying desperately to attach his name to the GOP tweet, Cruz thought he’d attempt a jab at President Biden while also sliding in a bit of self-deprecating ribbing for himself.

You probably recall that back in February, as the state of Texas was suffering under a terrible winter storm, Cruz and his family boarded a flight for the Mexican resort. Cruz later blamed the entire thing on his children.

But he can’t blame anyone but himself for the online payback he got for his posting:

Next time you’re tempted to tweet, Ted, stick your head up your ass instead. Oh, never mind; I see it’s permanently implanted there.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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