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Big Trouble For Little Marco: Val Demings Is Tied With Rubio In Florida Senate Race

A new poll in the 2022 Florida Senate race has bad news for incumbent Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.

The latest St. Pete Polls survey shows Rubio only holds a narrow two-point lead over his Democratic challenger, Rep. Val Demings. Rubio leads 48 to 46 percent, which is well within the margin of error, meaning that the two are in a statistical tie, something that has to alarm Rubio and the GOP, which is desperate to gain seats in the Senate in the upcoming midterm elections.


And that’s not the only bad news for Republicans when it comes to the Sunshine State.

Ron DeSantis, the incumbent governor of Florida, has seen his poll numbers collapse as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to hit the state particularly hard. Florida is regularly the state with the most daily cases and deaths from coronavirus, and DeSantis’ stance against mask mandates isn’t helping his popularity.

A poll released ten days ago shows that DeSantis’ popularity has fallen by a full 10 points:

“(The poll) found that of 3,952 respondents to the poll on 2 and 3 August, as few as 44 per cent approved of the Florida Republican.”

That same poll also had bad news for DeSantis on the issue of mask mandates, with 62% of respondents saying they think masks should be required for all schoolchildren. The governor has threatened to punish school districts in the state that mandate the wearing of masks.

DeSantis is locked in a difficult race for reelection with Democratic front-runner Charlie Crist, who is the former governor of Florida and has significant name recognition among voters.

If Florida happens to elect both Demings and Crist, 2022 will wind up being a disaster for Republicans, especially since many in the GOP see DeSantis as one of the top candidates for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

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Marco Rubio Gets Excoriated For Saying Americans Need To Get Over Their ‘Mask Fetish’

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) has never been to medical school, but he’s making videos and posting them on social media telling the American public they need to get over what he calls their “mask fetish” and live their lives, even if they get sick as a result.

Along with the video, (posted below) Rubio wrote this:

“Stop with the mask fetish. If you want to wear a mask as a courtesy to those around you or because you are in no mood to get even a little sick go ahead. If you want your kids to mask in school that’s your right. But we aren’t going to mask our way out of this.”

In the video itself, Rubio insists that not wearing a mask at a time when new COVID variants are floating around and infecting thousands each day is the price we have to pay for a return to normal:

“So what does common sense tell you? It tells you if you’re vaccinated, you’re probably not going to get COVID, but if you do, you’re not going to get very sick. If you’re not vaccinated, you’re probably going to get COVID eventually, and when you do, it might be nothing, it might be really bad, and you might end up in the hospital. That’s the facts, and you present that to people, and you talk to people as adults, as grown-ups. You present this information and you allow people in a free country to make the best decisions for themselves and for their families. … But instead, the CDC and a lot of other people spent the first few days here arguing about masks. Who are we going to strap masks on now? How are we going to force masks on people?”

But what if we don’t want to get sick at all and also want to protect our families, Marco? Are we allowed to wear a mask then? Or would you and your GOP colleagues now like to pass legislation saying we can’t wear a mask even if we want to? That’s essentially what the boneheaded governor of your state, Ron DeSantis, has done, telling school systems that if they have a mask mandate, there’s a chance the state of Florida will pull their funding:

“A news release from Governor DeSantis’ office said executive order 21-175 was issued ‘in response to several Florida school boards considering or implementing mask mandates in their schools after the Biden Administration issued unscientific and inconsistent recommendations that school-aged children wear masks.’

“It adds that this was done ‘to protect parents’ freedom to choose whether their children wear masks.’

“The order states that if the State Board of Education finds a school district board unwilling or unable to comply, it is able to withhold the transfer of state funds, discretionary grant funds or discretionary lottery funds.

“The board can also declare a school ineligible for competitive grants if the district doesn’t comply.”

So much for letting people choose what they want to do, huh? If they’re going to lose money they need to educate their students, what system can afford to look out for the safety of the kids they’re caring for?

Twitter users were quick to lash out at Rubio, branding him a “death cult leader.”

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Marco Rubio Claims Democratic Plans To Expand Voting Rights Are Part Of A ‘Marxist Strategy’

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is terrified of what he’s facing when he runs for reelection next year.

Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) has already announced she will seek the Democratic nomination to face Rubio, along with former Florida governor Charlie Crist, who also currently serves in the House. Bothone poll extremely well when pitted against the incumbent Rubio.

Also, a couple of weeks ago, the Orlando Sentinel excoriated Rubio, writing:

“What’s the point of appealing to someone who swore off another Senate run when he ran for president in 2016, then turned around and ran for the Senate? Someone who negotiated a bipartisan immigration reform bill and then campaigned against it?

“We’ve been waiting a decade for Rubio to do the right thing. But the senator is Lucy with the football, and every Floridian who trusts him is Charlie Brown.”

And now the Florida senator is making it clear that he knows if every registered voter in his state casts a ballot next year, he’s going to lose in a landslide.

Speaking with The Floridian, Rubio was asked about legislation Demings will soon be introducing in the House called the “Every Vote Counts Act.” The legislation would federalize elections and supersede laws that have been passed in dozens of states recently, including in Florida.

But to hear Rubio tell it, the bill is a disaster:

“She’s trying to undo what the Florida legislature passed. These guys don’t want there to be any election laws, she’s part of their national Marxist strategy.”

So making it easier for people to vote and guaranteeing that everyone who is eligible can cast a ballot is now Marxist? Karl Marx wasn’t exactly a fan of elections. If you doubt that, take a look at what happened when Marxism was instituted on a national scale in the Soviet Union.

Demings explained the reason she sees the need for her bill, and it completely destroys Rubio’s angry rantings:

“Let’s not be distracted by politically-motivated lies which seek the undermine faith in our elections. The Department of Homeland Security under President Trump reported that last year’s election was the most secure in our nation’s history. Unfortunately, Republicans in state legislatures across the country are seeking political advantage by attempting to stop certain people from voting. When we take away someone’s vote, we take away their voice.”

Republicans don’t want all Americans to have a voice when it comes to elections. They just want their voters to show up and cast a ballot. See, they know they can’t win elections without cheating, so they try to codify their cheating via legislation that restricts the most fundamental right of any representative democracy.

Marco Rubio is a cancer on the Senate. He needs to be booted from office and also needs to go back and take some lessons in history and political science.

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Marco Rubio Just Got Some Very Bad News About His Bid For Another Term In Office

The following is a bold statement, but the chances are excellent it’ll prove to be prescient come the 2022 midterm election: Florida GOP Senator Marco Rubio is the most vulnerable Senate Republican running for another six-year term in office.

Seeing as how Rubio is an incumbent in a state that has recently tended to go red in nearly every election (even in competitive races), you’d think he’d be on a glide path to reelection.

But based on an op-ed the Orlando Sentinel just published, it’s clear that plenty of Floridians are sick and tired of how Rubio says one thing and then does the exact opposite.

In their op-ed, the Sentinel editorial board lays out specific instances where Rubio proved what a gutless wimp he is and always will be, including what he said two weeks ago about the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection when he declared:

“We need to learn as much as we can: A, because it was a shameful day — something that should never happen again — and B, because I think our enemies of this country, terrorists and others, will look to learn from that day, potentially, one day take lessons learned from it to attack us here.”

And yet Rubio went along with the GOP playbook today when he refused to let the creation of a bipartisan commission take place in an effort to “learn” from that day.

Rubio is a serial liar, the Sentinel notes:

“What’s the point of appealing to someone who swore off another Senate run when he ran for president in 2016, then turned around and ran for the Senate? Someone who negotiated a bipartisan immigration reform bill and then campaigned against it?

“We’ve been waiting a decade for Rubio to do the right thing. But the senator is Lucy with the football, and every Floridian who trusts him is Charlie Brown.”

What is likely to happen to Marco Rubio next year when he cranks up his 2022 run? Well, there’s an excellent chance he might be primaried:

“Even more terrifying to him is the prospect of getting primaried if he stands up to the party. Just look at all the Trump family members flocking to Florida. Any one of them could step right in and probably squash Rubio like a bug if he gets out of line.”

And even if Rubio does manage to survive a primary, he’d still probably be facing Rep. Val Demings (D) who has announced she will try to unseat the incumbent senator.

Demings is a formidable opponent who served as Chief of the Orlando Police Department beginning in 2007. During her tenure as chief, violent crime in Orlando decreased by 40%.

But even more important than her career in law enforcement when it comes to her bid for the Senate is that she’s not Marco Rubio.

Rubio should be worried. If he isn’t, then he’s sure as hell not paying attention.


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Ana Navarro Humiliates Marco Rubio When He Makes Excuses For Not Supporting Trump’s Impeachment

It should be clear by now that the vast majority of Republicans are brainless, gutless cowards who have lived in fear of Donald Trump for the past four years and continue to tremble at the thought of the Donald saying something negative about them.

Take, for example, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who pretended to be a man by confronting Trump during the 2016 GOP primaries and suggesting that Donnie’s tiny hands suggested he was inadequate in other areas.

But Rubio soon backed down and returned to his safe space as soon Trump labeled him “Little Marco” and aimed his ire in the senator’s direction. Since then, Rubio has been an obedient little knave, genuflecting in Trump’s direction when he’s not busy hypocritically posting Bible verses on his Twitter account.

And now Little Marco is making excuses for why he doesn’t support Trump’s second impeachment despite overwhelming evidence that the former president did indeed incite the insurrection that led to the storming of the Capitol in January:

Ana Navarro of The View — who just so happens to be a resident of the state Rubio represents — saw his tweet and decided it needed fixing, so she edited it for him and also humiliated him with her correction:

It’s quite telling that Rubio admitted the attack on the Capitol was more dangerous that most of us realize. And yet he directly undercuts that assertion by adding that the criminal justice system should deal with the matter. It’s the epitome of cowardice.

And if the senator’s tweet isn’t spineless enough, he also turned off all comments so no one can respond to him. That alone proves what a hypocritical little weasel he is and always will be.

The Republican Party is now the party of sedition, treason, and insurrection. Their refusal to punish Donald Trump even though he’s out of office is proof-positive that the GOP is now nothing more than a death cult wrapped in a snake’s skin.