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Kayleigh McEnany Deletes Tweet After Owning Herself And Donald Trump With Posting

If you’re in need of some humor, former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany provided plenty of laughter on Twitter with a post she made (and later deleted) about the murder rate under the Biden administration.

The problem: The chart she referenced to make her point actually measured a rising murder rate while failed, one-term former President Donald Trump was in office.

According to Mediate, here’s what happened:

Former Trump Press Secretary and current Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany deleted a tweet Wednesday night that slammed the sharp increase in the murder rate in 2020.

Her quote tweet of a New York Times article on crime rate trends included a predictably political missive: “The US Murder Rate under Joe Biden…”

However, as many on Twitter were quick to point out, the massive increase in the murder rate shown on the graph happened in 2020, when the president was Donald Trump, and McEnany worked at the White House. Oops.

And here’s McEnany’s tweet:

The report from the Times referenced by McEnany states:

The United States in 2020 experienced the biggest rise in murder since the start of national record-keeping in 1960, according to data gathered by the F.B.I. for its annual report on crime.

The Uniform Crime Report will stand as the official word on an unusually grim year, detailing a rise in murder of around 29 percent.

If Kayleigh had bothered to think for a moment, she would have realized that Biden didn’t take office until January 20, 2021, meaning a crime stat from 2020 would fall on her former boss.

And deleting the tweet only complicates the matter, because it draws attention to McEnany’s flub. Then again, the moment she hit the “Tweet” button, her self-own became a fait accompli. Oh, and she even managed to own Trump, too. That’s one hell of a twofer.

Reactions on social media to Kayleigh’s idiocy were piquant and hilarious:

Only the best people. Right, Kayleigh?


Fox News History WTF?!

History-Challenged Kayleigh McEnany Claims The Founding Fathers Were ‘Against’ Slavery

According to former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, liberals are “haters” and have incorrectly painted the Founding Fathers as being pro-slavery. Instead, she insists, the men who founded the United States were “against” slavery.

McEnany made her moronic comments on Fox News, where she appeared as part of a panel, remarking:

“The haters never take a day off from  hating, that’s clear, and they never take a day off from getting the facts wrong.

“We know most of our forefathers, all of our main founding fathers were against slavery, recognized the evils of it.

“They’re so wrong on so much, where to begin.”

Where to begin? Let’s start with fact-checking that load of fetid bullshit that just poured out of Kayleigh’s mouth, courtesy of USA Today:

“Some of the signers are world famous – among them Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adams – and some are obscure. The majority owned slaves – 41 of the 56, according to one study – though there were also ardent abolitionists among their number.”

41 of 56 owned slaves, but they were “against” slavery? Is that why the founders agreed to count slaves as 3/5ths of a white man when it came time to conduct a census count? If someone is opposed to something, why would they codify it into the document meant to govern the nation?

McEnany also got taken to task on Twitter:

Is Kayleigh McEnany really this stupid? Yes, and willfully so, which is the worst ignorance of all.

The Trump Adminstration WTF?!

Kayleigh McEnany Claims She ‘Never Lied’ As Press Secretary Because She’s A Christian

Former Trump administration White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said recently that she never once lied while in her position because she’s a Godly person.

Remarkably, a bolt of lightning did not descend from the sky and destroy McEnany. But that’s only because she was speaking indoors.

McEnany was speaking at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit, and she told the assembled group that shortly after she took the job as press secretary, she was asked if she would ever lie to the American people:

“And I said without hesitation, no. And I never did. As a woman of faith, as a mother of baby Blake, as a person who meticulously prepared at some of the world’s hardest institutions, I never lied. I sourced my information.”

McEnany also whined that the news media often attacked her and called her a “liar,” which she said was unfair:

“Our motto was this: offense only. Because I knew what we were up against. Republicans always get the bad headlines, always get the false stories, always get the lies — if I can use that word — told by the press. There is one standard for Democrats and another for Republicans. And we must be on offense.”

While she was at it, McEnany also claimed that some news reports about the Trump administration had been fabricated to damage the failed, one-term former president.

Kayleigh McEnany, just like the man she worked for, lied endlessly. She lied when the administration would have been far better served by simply telling the truth.

Also, if McEnany were really a Christian, as she claims, she would never have agreed to join forces with a man as deeply immoral and outright evil as Donald Trump.

So while Kaleigh continues to lie in order to protect her so-called “reputation,” her words are just empty as the promises she made to never mislead the public. And that makes her complicit in a laundry list of crimes committed by the administration she was a member of.

Nice try, Kayleigh, but we call bullshit.


The Trump Adminstration Trump's War on the Press WTF?!

Kayleigh McEnany Decided To Slam The Press One Last Time – That Was A BIG Mistake

On this, the last full day of the Trump administration, former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany thought it would be a great idea to take one last cheap shot at the press, as if in doing so she could somehow manage to salvage what was left of her already sullied reputation.

Be sure and note that McEnany also made sure to get a blatant self-promotion in there, as if anyone other than the most brainwashed MAGA zombies would want to “follow her” anywhere. Safe to say at least 81 million of us wouldn’t follow Kayleigh McEnany if she promised to take us to an all-you-can-eat buffet that pays you $1,000 the minute you walk through the door and another grand on the way out.

One thing was accomplished by McEnany’s last-second snipe at the media: It unleashed a flood of cathartic anger directed at her and the evil she helped perpetuate on behalf of the most sinister man to ever hold the office of preisdent:


Bye bye, Kayleigh. You’ve been an abomination, just like the man you served.