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Jen Psaki Has The Perfect Comeback After Ron DeSantis Calls Biden A ‘Power-Hungry Tyrant’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) wants to be president so damn badly! How badly? Enough so that he’s willing to let thousands of Floridians die of COVID-19 while he pretends that everything is just fine in the Sunshine State. He insists mask mandates won’t be allowed on his watch, no matter how many children and senior citizens wind up on ventilators and die in complete isolation, unable to see their families as they take their last, labored breath.

So it should come as no surprise that DeSantis would snipe at the current resident of the White House, President Joe Biden, simply because Biden made this remark on Wednesday while discussing the rise in COVID cases being seen in the states of Florida and Texas:

“I say to these governors: Please help. But if you aren’t going to help, at least get out of the way. The people are trying to do the right thing. Use your power to save lives.”

Biden is trying to save lives, even in Republican-controlled states, because he’s doing what he promised he’d do when he was running in 2020: Be a president for all Americans.

How did DeSantis react to Biden’s remarks? Like a spoiled child. Like a man who cannot accept constructive criticism. We’ve had a president like that, and his name was Donald Trump. He’s one of the main reasons we’re in the fix we see before us right now as it pertains to the coronavirus.

DeSantis told reporters this while he was visiting Panama City and was asked about what the president had said:

“Why don’t you do your job. Why don’t you get this border secured, and until you do that I don’t want to hear a blip about Covid from you.”

Shortly after DeSantis made that snippy soundbite, he was also using it to try and raise money for his reelection efforts in 2022, sending out a blast email in which he pretended to be a tough guy:

“Joe Biden has the nerve to tell me to get out of the way on COVID while he lets COVID-infected migrants pour over our southern border by the hundreds of thousands. No elected official is doing more to enable the transmission of COVID in America than Joe Biden with his open borders policies.”

The governor wants us to believe the reason COVID is spreading is because of immigrants coming into the United States, though he has never presented a scintilla of evidence to support his allegation. He’s bullshitting. He’s lying. He’s using hatred and fear of “the other” to try and cover up his own heartlessness and incompetence.

Or, to put it another way, Ron DeSantis is pulling a Trump.

But White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had the perfect response to Gov. DeSantis, telling reporters at Thursday’s daily press briefing:

“25% of hospitalizations in the country are in Florida.

“It is also a fact that the governor has taken steps that are counter to public health recommendations. So, we’re here to state the facts. Frankly, our view is that this is too serious, deadly serious to be doing partisan name calling. That’s what we’re not doing here, we’re focused on providing public health data information to the people of Florida, to make sure they understand what steps they should be taking, even if those are not steps taken at the top of the leadership in that state.”

That’s how you deal with an empty suit, wannabe tough guy like Ron DeSantis. The governor should be ashamed of himself. But to feel shame, you have to possess a conscience. Clearly, DeSantis has no conscience. Just hubris, bluster, and bile.


Greed Social Safety Net WTF?!

Analyst: GOP Plans To Gut Medicare, Social Security Under The Guise Of ‘Welfare Reform’

Now that House Speaker Paul Ryan and his GOP minions have managed to pass a giant tax cut for the wealthiest Americans, they’re halfway to realizing Ryan’s Ayn Randian dream of eliminating the social safety net that includes Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

On CNN Tuesday morning, two political analysts — David Drucker and A.B. Stoddard — discussed exactly how Ryan and the GOP plan to proceed now that tax cuts have been put into place. Drucker noted that while Trump says he wants to see an infrastructure bill passed, that isn’t likely to happen:

“If they’re going to get help from Democrats in the Senate, which they would need, because it’s a spending bill, Democrats are going to demand all sorts of things. [Democrats are] not going to help President Trump and the Republicans govern, help their majorities look good, if they don’t extract significant concessions.”

Stoddard agreed:

“He’s going to need the Democrats. And so that’s going to have to be completely bipartisan, because they won’t have back up Republican bills.”

Then Stoddard addressed Ryan’s most nefarious plan of gutting social programs and how the GOP will sell the idea to Trump, who said on the stump he wouldn’t touch Medicare or Social Security:

“Also, that entitlement reform that Paul Ryan wants. They have a euphemism they’ve created, calling it ‘welfare reform,’ because the president ran against never cutting Medicare or Social Security. So, that’s a fight within, again, the Republican party. If he wants to go after food stamps and stuff, the Democrats are not going to be so helpful, I don’t think, on infrastructure.”

Ah yes, the old lie about “welfare reform” from the GOP. They desperately want to cut trillions of dollars from popular programs that help people, but to do so they have to try and package their plan under the umbrella of “reform.” If there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to Republicans, it’s that they won’t be happy until all of us are forced to scrounge for food, work until we’re 80, and help enrich their fat cat corporate masters.

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Economics Poverty Social Safety Net

2018 GOP Budget Will Feature Massive Cuts To Programs For the Poor, The Disabled, And Veterans

If there’s one thing Republicans excel at (other than lying and making excuses for their criminal behavior), it’s finding new ways to screw the poorest and most vulnerable among us. If you’re poor, have a disability, or cannot afford decent healthcare, it must be your fault, and you shouldn’t expect any help from the government.

House budget writers are busily working on deep new cuts to the American social safety net, including programs such as food stamps, welfare, income assistance for the disabled, and even veterans benefits.

Worse, the budget hawks in the GOP are also looking for ways to cut as much as $400 billion in social spending through a process which would allow them to subvert Democratic filibusters in the Senate.

Additionally, those crafting the 2018 budget are also under instructions from House Speaker Paul Ryan to help him realize his long-held dream of privatizing Medicare, which could wind up leaving millions of American seniors holding the bag for increased premiums, co-pays, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK) told Politico:

“The Budget Committee is trying to force the entire conference and committees of jurisdiction to focus on ways to bring down this deficit.”

If grandma has to cut back on how often she eats or what medications she can afford to take, that’s just too damn bad, the Republicans seem to be saying.

An agreement which kept the government running until September reportedly angered the White House, as Trump had to take heat from the right flank of his party which suggested he had given Democrats everything they wanted while managing to not get a dime for his promised border wall. That frustration, Virginia GOP Congressman Dave Brat says, will be reflected in the 2018 budget:

“The critique last time was that we didn’t embed enough Trump agenda items into our budget. [Trump] made it clear it will be embedded in this budget. … And so people will see a process much more aligned with President Trump’s agenda in this forthcoming budget.”

Translation: More money for the Defense Department, more for a wall, and less for everything else, even if that means cutting out programs which benefit those who have served this country in combat.

Of course, all of this supposes that Trump will still be able to sign a budget if one is passed. Instead, he may be involved in the fight of his life as more revelations come out about his connections to Russia and the rigging of the 2016 election.

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Right Wing Morons

WATCH A Democratic Strategist’s Fiery Takedown Of Trump Aide Omarosa Manigault

If you’ve ever seen Democratic strategist Angela Rye on CNN, then you know she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and call it the way she sees it. And that’s exactly what she did during a speech she gave to the National Action Network on Thursday afternoon.

Speaking immediately after former Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault, who is now serving as some kind of adviser to the Orange Menace, Rye took the podium and began by saying:

“I’m going to bring the fire right now. Moments ago, we were joined by your president’s apprentice. The truth is, when you tell somebody you’re going to fight for them, I’m going to tell you how not to fight for them.”

With Manigault in full view, Rye continued:

“You don’t fight for them by putting forth a tax reform plan that cuts corporate tax rates but ignores the poor. You don’t fight for them by cutting taxes for the rich, and ensuring that burden is going to be on the backs of the poor and ordinary black and brown people.”

The audience began to roar with applause. But Rye saved the best for last: She took on Trump and his minons for their racist birtherism attacks on former President Obama:

“How you don’t fight for [your community] is by trivializing our first black president, Barack Obama, by questioning his citizenship, by questioning his validity. How you don’t fight for us is by pissing on me and telling me it’s rain.”

And Rye ended with a reminder for what all of us who will never accept Trump as a legitimate president need to do:

“Resist, y’all.”

Hell yes! Thank you, Angela Rye, for saying what millions of us have been thinking ever since Donald Trump appeared on the political scene.

Here’s the speech that brought down the house:

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GOP Congressman FINALLY Holds Town Hall, Then Tells Constituent, ‘You, Sir, Shut Up’ (VIDEO)

You’ve probably seen Texas Republican Congressman Joe Barton’s fat face on cable news before. He’s about as bright as a one-watt bulb and never fails to stake out the most extreme stance possible on any issue.

Last week at town hall meeting Barton held in Frost, Texas, a constituent urged Frost to work with Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) and sponsor legislation which would help combat violence against women, telling the congressman:

“Given your voting record opposing legislation protecting women from violence, will you make a commitment to us today, make a promise that you will reach out to Congresswoman Jackie Speier and work with her to see this bill successfully through Congress?”

Barton replied dismissively that he had voted against such legislation because violence against women is a “state issue, not a federal issue.”

That response drew boos from the audience, and one person shouted:

“Violence against women, that’s a national issue! That’s an issue that impacts everyone everywhere, not only in this country, but everywhere!”

Barton pointed his finger at the person who had just spoken and ordered:

“You, sir, shut up.”

That enraged the audience, and the constituent Barton had just told to shut up yelled back:

“You don’t tell anybody to shut up! You work for us!”

It’s instructive to know that Joe Barton also had this to say about using wind as a source of energy back in 2009:

“Wind is a finite resource and harnessing it would slow the winds down, which would cause the temperature to go up.”

If the hot air which comes out of Congressman Barton was a finite resource, the world would be a much better place.

Here’s Barton at the recent town hall meeting:

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