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Gavin Newsom Burns Marjorie Taylor Greene Down By Using Her Batsh*t Crazy Theories Against Her

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) got the better of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) during an online debate on the issue of LGBT rights and shut down the congresswoman by using one of her most absurd conspiracy theories against her.

Newsom criticized Target for taking down for removing some of its Pride Month merchandise due to a backlash from right-wingers like Greene, expressing his disappointment on Twitter.

“CEO of Target Brian Cornell selling out the LGBTQ+ community to extremists is a real profile in courage. This isn’t just a couple stores in the South. There is a systematic attack on the gay community happening across the country.

“Wake up America. This doesn’t stop here. You’re black? You’re Asian? You’re Jewish? You’re a woman? You’re next.”

Greene countered Newsom’s posting by claiming the “gay community” isn’t under attack and tried to blame Target for displaying “tuck-friendly” clothing aimed at children. That claim has since been debunked by The Associated Press, which noted, “The ‘tuck-friendly’ swimsuits are only offered in adult sizes, according to a spokesperson for the company and Target’s website. Kids’ swimsuits in the collection do not feature this label.”

That’s when Newsom used a verbal nuclear weapon to completely vaporize the Georgia Republican.

The space laser line is a reference to comments Greene made on Facebook in which she suggested the Rothschild family had financed lasers that caused the California wildfires.

Game, set, and match Gavin Newsom.


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CA Gov. Gavin Newsom Joins Trump’s Truth Social To Counter ‘Republican Lies’

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) just proved that he doesn’t fear the slings and arrows of right-wingers and MAGA faithful, joining Donald Trump’s social media site, Truth Social in order to fight back against “Republican lies.”

Newsom wasted no time, immediately using facts to counter the GOP claims that crime is rampant and the blame lies with Democrats, HuffPost reports:

“The truth is, I’ve not been able to find a simple explanation for the fact that we have a red state murder problem,” Newsom said.

“So the question is simple: What are the laws and policies in those states that are leading to such carnage?” he added.

However, it’s not clear that Truth Social will be around long enough for Gov. Newsom to make an impact because the site is losing money:

Truth Social reported in a filing last month with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it had no paid advertisers. Its parent, Trump Media & Technology Group, is losing money and “expects to incur significant losses into the foreseeable future,” the filing said.

And then there’s the matter of the word “truth” being used in the name of the platform, especially in light of how dozens of users were banned last week for daring to mention (GASP!) the January 6 hearings:

You can also get booted from Truth Social for mocking Devin Nunes, who is supposedly the CEO of the site, as a user found out when picked the user name “DevinNunesCow.”

Republicans are big fans of free speech until that speech is critical of them.

Maybe Truth Social should be renamed Hypocrite Central.