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MTG Has A Paranoid Twitter Meltdown About Rumors She’s About To Be Banned From Social Media

Proving that her understanding of something as ubiquitous as social media is not fully developed, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is now accusing the New York Times of conspiring with Twitter to have her banned from the platform.

Greene posted a screenshot of an email she received from Davey Alba, a technology reporter for the Times who specializes in online conspiracy theories and inaccurate postings on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Alba’s email references a tweet of Greene’s from Wednesday in which she claimed (without any proof) that COVID vaccines are causing miscarriages and other health problems among pregnant women. The email reads:

“Twitter is likely to take enforcement action on Ms. Greene’s account for coronavirus information. It would be her fourth strike, meaning she would have one strike to go before potentially being permanently suspended from the platform. Would Ms. Greene want to respond to this in a statement?”

That led to this bizarre and unhinged reaction from the Georgia congresswoman:

“How would the @nytimes know that my @Twitter account is about to be suspended? My account is NOT suspended. What kind of relationship does the NYT and Twitter have? Do they coordinate suspending people like me and news stories? Is someone paying for that? Why?”

That’s a whole lotta stupid for just one person, and it didn’t take long before others on Twitter began pelting Greene with mockery:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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