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Meghan McCain Claps Back When Trump Calls Her A ‘Low Life’

Even though it was established long ago that failed, one-term former President Donald Trump reads almost nothing except the minimal words on Big Mac boxes and Kentucky Fried Chicken buckets, the twice-impeached loser still gets incredibly triggered whenever anyone releases a book and mentions him in a less than flattering manner.

For example, Meghan McCain has written a book, Bad Republican, that was released on Thursday. And she does indeed mention the fact that Trump talked in disparaging ways about her late father, John McCain.

Meghan is also letting it be known that she isn’t a fan of the Donald’s favorite child, Ivanka, or her husband, Jared, telling Bravo host Andy Cohen that the two showed up at her father’s funeral, even though they hadn’t been invited:

“They should never have come, they had no business being there, I remember seeing them and seeing her specifically. They had no goddamn business being there and it’s something that still angers me, clearly.”

That led the ex-president to offer up an enraged reaction, issuing a statement through his spokesperson in which he angrily ranted:

Isn’t it funny that Meghan McCain, who has always been a bully and basically a low life, is now complaining that it was she who was bullied by the Slobs and Radical Left maniacs of “The View.” At the request of many of her representatives, I made it possible for her father to have the world’s longest funeral, designed and orchestrated by him, even though I was never, to put it mildly, a fan.

In his own very special way, he was a RINO’s RINO. Despite his fighting against me, I won Arizona by a lot in 2016 and won Arizona by even more in 2020—unfortunately the vote counters in 2020 were far more important than the candidate (See the determinative Report issued Wednesday by the Arizona Auditors!). I have since found out that McCain, who was close to last in his class at Annapolis, sent the fake and totally discredited scam Dossier to the FBI, hoping to stop the “Trump Train.”

In any event, Meghan should fight the Communists instead of explaining how they made her “physically ill.” She should fight back against the Losers of The View the way she fights against very good and well-meaning Republicans, and she would do herself a world of good!

Wow! That’s a hell of a lot of anger, pettiness, and delusion for one person, but we’re talking about Donald Trump, so it’s par for the course when it comes to one of the most hateful people to ever slither across the face of the planet.

Rather than try to do a point-by-point rebuttal that Trump would never have taken the time to read, Meghan McCain countered with a perfectly-worded tweet that put Donnie right in his place:

Yep, that pretty much covers it. And even though Meghan McCain may not be your cup of tea, either, at least she isn’t as deplorable as the tangerine shit stain.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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