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Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Democrats Are Plotting A ‘Race War’

According to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), Democrats are planning to start a “race war,” so Republicans have to get their guns ready and protect themselves “with the full armor of God.”

Posting her deranged conspiracy theory on Twitter, Greene wrote:

The radical Marxists in this country are currently building their attack to dismantle our #SecondAmendment. They will stay on their lying message constantly about “angry white men are a threat to black lives.” Building fear & propaganda into the mainstream is their tactic.

Greene then referenced the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse in Wisconsin on Friday:

Their fake outrage and lies about Kyle Rittenhouse is their vehicle on the road to disarming America. Communist Democrats will call for “gun control now to protect peaceful BLM protestors first amendment rights.” The media will glamorize BLM and “victims of white supremacy.”

From there, she went right to guns:

All lawful gun owners & freedom loving God fearing Americans DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT fall into this trap. This is a time of great testing. You have a duty and responsibility to our future to not be baited into the awful lies and insults that are being hurled in your face.

Of course, Greene also included the patented conservative line about not being a racist, which is always a signal that the person making the claim is indeed a racist:

All of us who believe know that none of us are racist or believe in white supremacy, we believe ALL are equal. All of us who believe know that our American gun rights are the only thing holding back the Communist Revolution the Democrats are waging with the help of the media.

The radical Marxists are going to do everything they possibly can to try to cause you to stumble. Do NOT allow them. Give them nothing. Because if you do, they will take everything, starting with our guns first. During this time of testing, men must be the strongest.

And it wouldn’t be complete for a fake Christian like Greene without a mention of God:

They want a race war in a country where we aren’t racist. Protect yourself with the full armor of God. Follow the commands of Jesus and love one another, pray for your enemies, and forgive those who have hurt you as God forgives you. Steady yourself under Him. God wins!!

That talk about a race war sounds familiar. Where have we heard it before? From mass murderer Charles Manson, as Newsweek noted when Manson died back in 2017:

Manson called for a war against black Americans by racists, a movement that he referred to as “Helter Skelter.” The mass murderer, who had a swastika tattooed on his forehead, used racism to manipulate his followers into killing people in 1969 with hopes that it would spark a race war where white Americans would emerge triumphant over other races, and Manson would lead.

The term “Helter Skelter” was swiped from the Beatles song of the same name. Manson believed the band left a secret prophecy on its album The Beatles, more commonly known as the “White Album,” where white Americans would kill black Americans during a race war.

When you think about it, Marjorie Taylor Greene does indeed have a lot in common with Manson: She’s filled with hatred and delusions of grandeur.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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