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Lindsey Graham Says Biden Doesn’t Want Putin To Lose The Ukraine War Because ‘He’s A Climate Change Partner’

According to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), President Joe Biden is hoping Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin will be victorious with his war in Ukraine because Putin is “a climate partner.”

Graham made his absurd comments during an appearance on Fox News.

The South Carolina Republican repeated his call for someone to kill Putin, telling host Maria Bartiromo that NATO could institute a no-fly zone in Ukraine:

“It will not be World War III. This is all a bluff. Putin knows it. If he ordered a pre-emptive strike on the U.S., some general would shoot him in the head.

“The only way this war ends is with Putin going to jail or being taken out by his own people. How do you make that happen? You help the Ukrainians.”

And then Graham made his disgusting comment about Biden secretly wanting to see Putin to be victorious in Ukraine:

“He’s a climate change partner. He’s an Iran deal maker. In my eyes, he’s a menace to mankind, he’s a war criminal and he needs to be taken out by his own people.”

Graham ended the interview with another call for Putin to be killed:

“Putin is a war criminal, he is no longer a legitimate leader and it is time for us to get him gone! It would be better to have a Russian leader that wouldn’t marry up with Iran and Syria to begin with. This is the best chance in 20 years to take this guy out and the Russian people are the vehicle to do it.”

Here’s a thought: Since Lindsey is so eager to see Putin kick the bucket, how about we let him go meet with the Russian mass murderer and do the deed himself when he gets there? What say you, Sen. Graham? Do you have the balls to back up your tough talk, or are you just trying to look macho for your redneck constituents?


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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