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Lauren Boebert Humiliates Herself By Whining About The Gender Of A Gingerbread Cookie

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), is mad as hell, and she wants to share her fury with the rest of the world, even though what has her so enraged is laughable, much like her “career” in Congress.

What, you might ask, has Congresswoman Bobblehead so angry? A gingerbread cookie.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Colorado Republican was surfing along on Twitter and ran across a post that prompted her to comment. Here’s a screenshot, just in case the brainless Ms. Boebert decides to delete the proof of her ignorance:

A bakery decided to call what has traditionally been known as a gingerbread man a gingerbread person. And when you consider that the cookie looks gender-neutral, it’s not a bad idea to let people write their own title for the cookies.

After all, aren’t right-wingers the ones who say bakeries should be allowed to refuse service to members of the LGBTQ community if they disagree with their lifestyle? Then why can’t a bakery decide their cookies won’t have a gender, either? That’s the free market, which should please all of the so-called capitalist disciples in the GOP.

Oh, and this isn’t the first time conservatives have been caught whining about a cookie, according to LGBTQ Nation, which reports:

 In 2018, Fox News personalities Tucker Carlson and Tammy Bruce complained about a bakery in Scotland selling gingerbread people.

“I contend, after a series of living your entire life being kind of bullied into what you can and cannot say and presumptions that you’re bad people, that it can be the smallest thing that tips you over the edge,” said Bruce as she attacked an individual bakery for saying something she disagreed with on national television, as if every single bakery in the English-speaking world should only use language she likes.

“In this case it’s calling gingerbread men a gingerbread person, when obviously… they’re men.”

Why are they obviously men? Says who? Isn’t the world made of many different views of what to call something? The British say the trunk of your car is the boot. And depending on what region of the U.S. you happen to be in, you’ll get a wide range of how to pronounce various words and phrases.

While Ms. Boebert’s moronic tweet was probably a big hit among her fellow brain-addled simpletons, she was quickly subjected to a well-deserved mocking:

Tune in next week when Lauren Boebert will be offended that people celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanzaa simply because she has trouble spelling them.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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