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Lauren Boebert Gets Award For ‘Hottest Woman In Congress’ – Complete With Her Name Spelled Incorrectly

Poor Lauren Boebert. No one takes the Colorado Republican congresswoman seriously because she’s a educationally-challenged clown who barely passed the GED exam shortly after she was elected.

Despite that, many on the right-wing of the GOP love to tout Boebert’s devotion to the Second Amendment and the fact that she’s easy on the eyes, which is always a big deal for male Republicans who can’t get enough of the blonde female hosts on Fox News.

Matter of fact, Boebert just won an award for being the “Hottest Woman in Congress,” which came complete with a gift certificate to Red Lobster and a nice framed certificate. Here, see for yourself:

Lauren Boebar? Must have been a poorly educated Trump supporter who was in charge of printing the certificate.

Twitter had a damn field day:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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