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Former Federal Prosecutor: Convicting Trump For Jan. 6 Crimes Is As Easy As ‘Shooting Fish In A Barrel’

A former federal prosecutor who once worked for Robert Mueller says if the Justice Department does decide to charge former President Donald Trump for crimes committed in connection with the January 6 Capitol insurrection, securing a conviction would be as easy as “shooting fish in a barrel.”

Glenn Kirschner, who now works as a legal analyst for MSNBC, was a guest on radio host Dean Obeidallah’s Sirius XM show and was asked by Obeidallah:

 “In your view, does the January 6 attack happen if Donald Trump does not start lying about the election from election night on–even pre-election night—but from election night on. Calling them [his supporters] to come to the Capitol for a ‘wild’ time- as he put in writing [in a December tweet]–and then gave that speech, saying, ‘I’m going down there with you’ and about Joe Biden saying, ‘we can’t let this happen,’ repeating it over and over while they were chanting, ‘Fight for Trump'”?!

Kirschner responded:

“Yeah, do you do you think Trump supporters would have spontaneously assembled on January 6th in Washington DC and then marched on the Capitol to try to get Mike Pence to stop the electoral vote count?! I think not.

“It is such folly just that January 6th was anything but a Donald Trump production from start to finish. And everything he did, he did from a platform of fraud and deception which is what makes proving his corrupt intent in the future prosecution like shooting fish in a barrel. Give me 3 hours–I’ve said this before and I’ve taken a beating for it so I’m gonna say it again–give me three hours in front of a DC jury, let me try to persuade them that when Donald Trump said ‘stop the steal,’ go down there and fight like hell or you won’t have a country anymore, the fact that Donald Trump’s own officials and administration said there was ‘no steal,’ Bill Barr said there was no fraud undermining Joe Biden’s win, [Trump’s former DHS cybersecurity head] Christopher Krebs said safest election in U.S. history as did the DHS. That proves Donald Trump’s fraud and corrupt intent because his own administration makes him out to be a liar.”

Those facts, Kirschner concluded, would make a prosecution of Donald Trump among the easiest imaginable for a good DOJ attorney:

“Dean, I prosecuted for 30 years, I took lots of tough cases to trial. I won some I lost some, this case on the evidence is so much stronger than the majority of criminal cases I tried. So we’ve just gotta get indictments and we’ve just gotta get this man in court.”

Sounds good. Now let’s get it done.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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