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Former FBI Official: Jim Jordan Has Backed Himself Into A Corner With The Jan. 6 Select Committee

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is one of the most disgusting people to ever serve in Congress, and it now looks like he’s caught in a no-win situation that could leave both him and his idol, former President Donald Trump, facing criminal charges, according to a former top FBI official.

Frank Figliuzzi is the former assistant director for counterintelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and he says things are about to get much worse for Jordan.

Appearing on “Deadline: White House,” Figliuzzi was asked about the fact that Jordan cannot recall how many times he spoke with Trump on the day of the Capitol insurrection. Figliuzzi replied:

“I think we now know why Nancy Pelosi had to reject Jim Jordan. He is a fact witness and he’s going to get a very complicated future ahead of him. Here is why: First, he claims that he can’t remember how many times on Jan. 6th he called the president or what time of day, that’s easily remedied by simply checking your phone log and checking that date. If he can’t do it, the phone company will be more than happy to supply the select committee with that. That’s going to happen eventually. Next, he’s in a trick bag because if he concedes, as has been reported, that he actually called the president and said, ‘stand this crowd down, they’re inside, it is getting violent, you’ve got to stop them,’ that implies, of course, that he believed Trump controlled the crowd and had the ability to stop or start the crowd.”

That, Figliuzzi noted, is a nightmare for Trump, and it also implicates Jordan as part of a larger conspiracy that could result in federal criminal charges:

“It hurts him because if he thinks the people were violent he goes back home to Ohio and his voter base says, wait a minute, those were patriots, those weren’t violent people. So, he can’t win there either. This gets extremely complicated.”

If we’re lucky, both Jordan and Trump will be destroyed for whatever roles they played in the Jan. 6 riots. And both of them deserve to be charged, tried, and found guilty of sedition and inciting an insurrection. Let the chips fall where they may.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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