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Donald Trump Jr. Says He ‘Waited In Bread Lines’ When He Was A Kid

Poor Donald Trump Jr. Even though he was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth and has never worked a day in his life (unless you count cheating on the mother of his five children as “work”), he wants us to feel sorry for him and believe that he cares about the average working American.

Appearing on the Newsmax show of Nazi sympathizer Seb Gorka, Don Jr. was asked about the “empty shelves” in the United States due to a backlog of cargo ships off the coast of California:

“When conservatives say, ‘They’re socialists. The Democrats have gone radical,’ this isn’t an exaggeration, is it? You’ve seen it, Don.”

Spoiled little rich douchebag Donnie Part Deux said he had traveled with his grandparents on his mother, Ivanka’s side, who were born in Czechoslovakia, and seen the horrors of socialism:

“So I traveled with them there every summer, you know, six, eight weeks. I’ve waited in those bread lines. We’re starting to see the empty shelves that I experienced then in communist Czechoslovakia in the ’80s in America right now.”

What Junior conveniently neglected to mention is that after he had seen the bread lines, his grandparents then (probably) took him to the nearest fancy restaurant right before they hopped on the Concorde and jetted back to New York City so Don Jr. could take a shit on a solid gold commode in daddy’s penthouse apartment.

Apparently, Don Jr. is aware the MAGA faithful are so brainwashed that they’ll hear his bullshit lies and sop them up like a biscuit.

But while the braindead Trump cultists are too stupid to question the falsehoods flowing from Junior’s pie hole, most of social media was ready to pelt him with well-deserved mockery. Take a look:

Helpful hint for Don Jr.: Next time you want to whine about how bad you had it as a child, first extract your head from your ass and take some deep breaths before you start farting out lies.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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