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Bob Woodward: Here’s How The 1/6 Committee Can Prove Trump Is Complicit In The Capitol Insurrection


Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward says the House Select Committee on January 6 has a witness who can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that failed ex-President Donald Trump was complicit in the Capitol insurrection.

During an appearance on CNN, Woodward referenced retired Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, who was a longtime Trump ally and is key to finding out exactly what Trump knew and when he knew it:

“Keith Kellogg … is somebody who is a Trump loyalist, but also an institutionalist. He used to say within the White House that Trump and Pence, the vice president, were fire and ice. You can guess who was fire, Trump, and Pence was ice.

“Kellogg, as we found from multiple first-hand witnesses, was with Trump on January 6th, in the office with Trump, begging Trump to tweet out to stop the violence, and he said memorably, ‘Mr. President, not everyone is carrying a television on their shoulder,’ says go out and tweet, and this is a mob and when you have a mob, you have lost it.'”

Trump reportedly refused to heed Kellogg’s warnings, Woodward continued:

“Trump would not respond, and so Kellogg went to find Ivanka Trump, Trump’s daughter, and she went to see Trump, her father, in the Oval Office dining room three times from multiple witnesses, and one of the things she said to President Trump is, let this thing go. Eventually he did tweet but it was delayed.”

That, Woodward concluded, makes Kellogg of major importance for the House Select Committee:

“So in a sense, from the point of view of an investigation, having somebody like Keith Kellogg there who was a participant, who is now under oath, you couldn’t get a better witness. It’s somebody that Republicans would have to look at and say, wait a minute, this is a credible strong person, somebody who served in the military for decades.”

Here’s the video from CNN:


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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