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Biden’s Approval Rating Soars – His Policies Are Wildly Popular With Americans Of Both Parties

At the moment, Joe Biden is one of the most popular presidents in recent memory, and even Republicans are giving him high marks for the job he’s doing battling the coronavirus pandemic and his plan to rebuild American infrastructure.

Morning Consult released a poll this week which shows that the Biden agenda is wildly popular among those surveyed, with 65 percent saying they approve of paying for the president’s infrastructure package by increasing taxes on corporations for the next 15 years. Only 21 percent said they’re opposed to raising taxes on big business.

Even 42 percent of registered Republicans said they support higher taxes on corporations, with 47 percent of GOP voters telling pollsters they were opposed to such a plan.

A closer look inside the Morning Consult numbers also has good news for the administration, with 53 percent of those responding saying they they still support tax hikes and only 27 percent saying they wouldn’t support such a plan.

And then there’s this from the poll, which is almost certain to terrify Congressional Republicans:

“When taxes and other potential funding sources aren’t mentioned, Biden’s infrastructure plan enjoys the support of 60 percent of voters, including 84 percent of Democrats, 51 percent of independents and 35 percent of Republicans.”

Americans realize our infrastructure is falling apart and needs to be rebuilt, whether it be roads and bridges our updating schools across the country.

On Biden’s other signature issue, the COVID relief package and plan for getting the majority of us vaccinated, the numbers are also encouraging, with 70 percent saying they think Biden has done the right thing to slow and eventually eliminate spread of the deadly disease.

While Republicans continue to whine and shoot themselves in the foot, President Biden is being rewarded for his bold and decisive ideas. That alone is all the proof you need that the current president is a unifier, unlike his predecessor.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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