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Biden Puts Oz On Full Blast After Learning He Attended High School In Delaware

President Joe Biden laid one hell of a nasty burn on Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate Mehmet Oz when he found out that the doctor had attended high school in the president’s home state of Delaware.

Speaking to a crowd at a campaign even for Oz’s Democratic opponent, John Fetterman in Philadelphia, Biden remarked:

“I couldn’t believe it. He went to high school in Delaware. But Delaware was smart enough to send him to New Jersey.”

That wasn’t all the president said about a U.S. Senate controlled by Republicans, Politico reports:

“If, in fact, we lose the Senate, say goodbye to lower medical costs. Gone,” Biden said shortly after saying Fetterman has “got to win.”

Additionally, Biden noted that Republicans want to cut all aid to Ukraine and let Russia continue its war against the Ukrainian people.

“They said that if they win, they’re likely to not continue to fund Ukraine,” Biden said. “These guys don’t get it.”

Recent polls from the Keystone State show Fetterman with a small lead over Oz, and many political observers believe the race will come down to turnout, which is always crucial for Democrats. The massive turnout in the 2020 election is one of the reasons Biden won the election and Democrats gained seats in the Senate.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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