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Photo Of Trump With His Attorney Weirds Out The Internet: ‘Why Does She Look Like Melania?

You’ve probably never heard of Alina Habba, and there’s a reason for that: She’s not very good at what she does and has almost no clients other than failed, one-term former president Donald Trump, who is known for not paying his attorneys.

Yes, Ms. Habba is an attorney, or at least she claims to be, despite having a laughable résumé, as The Daily Beast discovered when they decided to do some research on her earlier this year.

Habba’s professional conduct, decisions, and courtroom theatrics have routinely embarrassed her Trumpworld legal colleagues—to the point that there are multiple group chats of Trump lawyers where much of the discussion is devoted to profusely complaining about Habba or harshly mocking her.


For those wondering how she has stuck around this long—with so many of her fellow Trump-aligned attorneys agitating for her removal and constantly griping about her—the answer lies with the TV-and-image-obsessed 45th president.

In private, Trump has repeatedly commented on how much she “loves Trump” and has on many occasions gushed to close associates about her physical appearance—how she’s “a beauty” on TV and at his clubs, according to two sources who’ve talked to him about Habba in recent months.

Well, she went to law school didn’t she? As a matter of fact, Habba did graduate from law school, but it was one of the worst in the entire country: Widener School of Law, which ranks in the bottom 25% of law schools in the United States. Harvard it ain’t, which reinforces that Donnie only keeps her around because she’s easy on the eyes.

However, a recent photo of Habba flying on a plane with the disgraced ex-president has set off plenty of chatter and speculation on social media.

Here’s the photo:

Does Ms. Habba look like anyone who used to travel with Trump when he was still in office? Look closely. She does have some resemblance to Melania Trump, which caused more than a bit of debate on social media.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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