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Former Federal Prosecutor: Donald Trump’s Recent Gaffes Prove He’s ‘Deranged’ And Has ‘Gone Nuts’

As 21 U.S. states try to decide if disgraced former president Donald Trump should be allowed on the 2024 ballot due to his actions in attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential race, one former prosecutor says he believes Trump should be disqualified for a more troubling reason: Because he says the ex-president is “deranged” and has “gone nuts.”

Writing in Washington Monthly, attorney James Zirin, a former federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York, says recent speeches by Trump and the way he confuses facts, along with his slurring when he speaks lead him to wonder, “Has Donald Trump gone nuts?”

“This is obviously a difficult question to raise about any person, let alone a candidate, who has demonstrated vicious, paranoid, and violent behavior,” Zirin admits, “Still, all the armchair gerontologists parsing every utterance from President Joe Biden, trying to distinguish his congenital stutter from his natural aging, should look at Trump, whose behavior has gone from bad to weird to bizarre.”

Suggesting that Trump may be suffering from dementia, Zirin notes, “While neither Trump nor Biden projects John F. Kennedy’s vigor, Trump, 77, has been even more bizarre of late — doddering and disoriented in a new way.”

Referencing a particularly strange speech Trump recently gave, Zirin writes:

“Referring to Kim Jong-Un, the hereditary dictator who rules North Korea, Trump said he was in charge of a country of 1.4 billion people, obviously confusing the Hermit Kingdom of 26 million with the Middle Kingdom of 1.4 billion. But it’s not just misidentification. It’s the cadence and slurring of speech, too.

“Trump is having trouble with names. ‘On purpose’ came out as ‘on perfect.’ Adherents of Karl Marx came out as ‘markers,’ not Marxists. He warned that Biden is drifting us into World War II.”

The former prosecutor concludes, “Deranged people, as we all have learned, can be dangerous,” before warning, “Trump’s policy pronouncements have become more incendiary and more insane, if that were possible.”

Donald Trump is indeed dangerous. If you add in possible dementia, he clearly should never be in control of the nation’s nuclear arsenal again. He belongs behind bars or at permanently hospitalized for his own protection.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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